The Proper Equipment

An extreme shallow snorkeling expedition requires the proper equipment, particularly if it is to be properly documented. Here is a photo of some of the gear we are bringing with us:

In addition to our underwater photography and video gear, it’s important to have tools and supplies should unexpected needs arise. In our case, items like giant rubber bands and electric tape are a must. In order to scout potential E.S.S. locations we bring binoculars, and to get a closer look at micro-life, magnifying glasses. We have underwater flashlights for night dives and a blinking reflector for safety. Walkie-talkies can be essential for communication, particularly if the team splits up for reconnaissance (and compasses come in handy to ascertain our position). We also bring our official Fruits de Mer rubber stamp to mark official documents.


The photo above is also posted on flickr, with annotations describing the tools of our trade.

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