The Team Gets Extreme

Today we went on one dive in the morning, and then did some incredible Extreme Shallow Snorkeling in tide pools near Mullet Bay (named after the fish, not the hairstyle, unfortunately).

We did a drift dive, starting near the Gregory and traversing a large stretch of the nearby reef. Key sightings included a Peacock Flounder, a small Barracuda down near the reef rather than prowling above it, and jellyfish on our descent and ascent. A special treat was a small Filefish, hiding in soft corals. As we filmed, it swam gently amongst the waving coral to remain camouflaged.



After lunch at Rene’s Boucherie, we headed to Mullet Bay. The visibility was too poor for regular snorkeling, so we headed towards the rocky outcrop nearby to investigate the tide pools. In waters but a few inches deep we saw a few small fish and many snails and hermit crabs.




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