Epic Five Dive Day

Les Fruits de Mer completed five dives today, including a shark feeding and a night dive at the spectacular James Bond wrecks.

After a couple of morning dives, we undertook the first afternoon shark dive on the reef. After seeing a number of sharks who were excited about the upcoming feeding, we took a quick trip out to the reef wall and spotted this turtle.


The shark feeding was quite amazing. Dozens of reef sharks congregated around the bait box and swam within inches of us…and even closer.


It was wonderful to dive with so many sharks, particularly as they are quickly becoming endangered around the world, with hundreds of millions killed each year, primarily for their fins.


We finished the day with a night dive on the James Bond wrecks, so named because they appeared in the films Never Say Never Again and Thunderball. They were full of basket stars, one of my favorite sea creatures.


One Response to “Epic Five Dive Day”

  1. Andres Says:

    Those shark pics are amazing.