E.S.S. at Love Beach

On our last day we decided to head to Love Beach, approximately 2-3 miles from our lodgings at Orange Hill. Known for its snorkeling, the beach was deserted when we arrived. There is a small watersports shop that opens at 10am on slow days. The snorkeling area was marked by three orange buoys.

As we swam out into the shallows, one of the first things I encountered was a pair of Caribbean Reef Squid.


We traversed the shallows, a formation of rocks with small corals and sponges growing on them. One of the strange things we encountered were these shellfish-type animals. They seemed embedded in the rock, almost like fossils.


We finished our snorkel with school of 17 Caribbean Reef Squid swimming in formation. This was probably the largest group of them we have encountered to date, and they were in shallow (approx. 6 feet) but not extremely shallow water.


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