Expedition Bahamas: Day One

This afternoon we arrived in the Bahamas for the first time ever. Our lodgings, at Orange Hill are near the Lyndon Pindling International Airport. After checking in we undertook an E.S.S. mission off the beach in front of the hotel and found a wide variety of marine life.


Unfortunately, we encountered four Lionfish, an invasive species from the Pacific Ocean. Although they are ravenous hunters with few local predators (especially with the overfishing of large fish like Grouper). On the other hand, they area a beautiful fish that is unafraid of humans.


Marc AuMarc, with his keen eye for sea life (and creatures in general) also spotted a Stonefish, a poisonous fish that lives on the sea floor, carefully camouflaged.


In the extreme shallows, we found many Mermaid’s Cups, an adorable species of green algae.


After a wonderful snorkel, we enjoyed a beer back at the hotel with local photographer Ben Jamieson, and headed to Provence for a romantic dinner for two.

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