More Diving!

Today Madam J and I went out on the boat in the afternoon with Aure and Matt. We alternated dives so one of us could keep an eye on the boat at all times. Madam J dove Chico and I dove Japanese Garden. Both are dive sites on the far side of Tintamarre. Today was my first underwater experiment with the Tokina 35mm macro lens. I think there are definitely some benefits to this lens versus the 60mm macro that I normally use. I think it may be somewhat better for portraits of medium to large fish, which can be hard to get with the 60mm since the field of view is so small. Also, it is easier to track a moving subject because it doesn’t get out of frame as easily. Today I used the 35mm macro under a flat port, so I look forward to trying it under a dome in the future. The best thing I saw today was a spotted eagle ray, but I was too busy looking at it to get a decent photo. I would definitely love to get a nice shot of one while I’m here.

Today was the first time we didn’t go out snorkeling in the morning. It’s hard being so busy.

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