Climbing Goat Mountain

Yesterday afternoon I decided to climb the mountain behind our house. Maybe it isn’t exactly a mountain, but it was a pretty good hike. On the way up I encountered many interesting things. In certain sandy areas near trees there were numerous funnels, and when I stepped near them, causing sand to fall in, something started flinging the sand out. I’m guessing they are some sort of spider that uses the funnels to trap insects. I also encountered a green caterpillar with a big yellow head and a pair of brightly-colored moths.

At the top of the mountain, there were many goat skeletons and a special tree with white flowers. Perhaps they died of natural causes, or perhaps they were used in Obeah ceremonies. It is hard to say. The view from the top was pretty impressive. Looking back towards Grand Case, it was easy to see the whole bay as well as the local airport. On the far side of the mountain I looked down on Anse Marcel. I again took the Tokina 35mm macro lens, which I think was a good choice to capture landscapes in decently wide angle as well as macro shots. I came back down the mountain very much scratched up and covered in little seeds.

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