Mangrove Pond and West Hill

This morning I took a walk to a pond ringed with mangrove on one side down at the west end of Grand Case. I found several birds, including a black, duck-like bird with a red bill, an egret and a dove. I also noticed a large iguana on one of the mangroves.

After circumnavigating most of the mangrove, I went up the hill on the west end of the bay, starting from a small cemetery. At the top of the hill, I found the exact same tree that was at the top of Goat Mountain, and so far, those are the only two I’ve seen. I’m not sure if there’s a natural cause for that, or if they are purposely planted at the top of hills.

From my vantage point, I could see that the beach directly beside the cemetery holds considerable promise as a future E.S.S. location. Perhaps I can explore that this afternoon. A small sailboat is wrecked on the shore there.

Other life I encountered on my walk included some sort of weevil, crabs with one big pincer arm, a land snail and le champignon. Some of the photos from today aren’t that great, particularly some of the longer shots using the 70-300mm zoom.

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