New Discovery at Creole Rock

After working in the shop this morning, I hopped on the dive boat to do some exploring and photography at some of the local dive sites. First up was Creole Rock, a site I’ve been to dozens of times. I headed off to the mini-wall just around the right-hand corner and tried to get some good shots of the schools of tiny fish that congregate near the overhang there. With some time left, I decided to take a bearing and head out away from the rock.

I passed the flat, sparsely populated area surrounding the rock, skipping from one freestanding coral head to the next. Before I knew it, I happened upon a long raised coral bed varying between eight and fifteen feet wide. It extended for hundreds of feet with sand on either side. There was also an almost-continuous overhang which met in some places to form tunnels from one side to the other that were a few tantalizing inches short of being suitable for swimming through.

It was very exciting to find a brand new area of an old, familiar site. There was abundant sea life as well, including schools of gigantic snapper, a southern stingray, a hawksbill turtle and all the regular tropical fish we see in the area.

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