Stingrays of the Deepish

After my explorations were so richly rewarded at Creole Rock, I decided to stray from the typical route at Rocher Marcel as well. Instead of traveling around the rock, I headed straight out beside it and headed down a gradual slope in the general direction of Anguilla. While I didn’t find any particularly interesting topography, I did learn that the reef hits a sandy channel at about 13.5 meters which I took down to 15.5 meters (about 50 feet). This isn’t very deep, but it was interesting to me because a typical dive at this site maxes out at 25-30 feet.

In the sand, I found a couple large stingrays. A combination of overcast skies and relatively low visibility made it seem a little deeper than it was and a tad spooky. I headed back over the reef to return to the boat, but I have a hunch that the sandy channel may wrap all the way around the rock to where we were anchored. Perhaps next time I can figure out if that’s true.

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