Who Found My Frog?

Madam J found me a frog and brought it home. I’ll leave it to her to tell the whole story, but I was very excited because it is the first time I had seen any amphibian on the island. There are actually two known species of frog and I’m not 100% sure which one this is. It was actually bigger than either species is supposed to be. We released him near the Bistro Nu, one of our favorite restaurants, which is located on an alley that is busy with frog calls at night.

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  1. Two-striped Treefrog | Les Fruits De Mer Says:

    […] tricky, partially because I initially was only aware of two species. At this time, I believe that the frog Jenn found was a Cuban tree frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis), a recent introduction to the island. There are […]