Two-striped Treefrog

Despite the fact that there are at most four species of frogs on the island, I’ve found identification rather tricky, partially because I initially was only aware of two species. At this time, I believe that the frog Jenn found was a Cuban tree frog (Osteopilus septentrionalis), a recent introduction to the island. There are apparently one or two species of Eleutherodactylus whistling frogs on the island, but all species of this genus apparently have direct development, which means they hatch from eggs directly into tiny froglets. By process of elimination, the tadpoles I have been raising are the two-striped treefrog, Scinax rubra, also known as the snouted tree frog. Unless they are some other recent introduction, that is. Below are a bunch of photos of these guys at various stages of development.

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