Mt. Scenery, Part Two

On a day off diving, Yann, Marie and I went to the top of Mt. Scenery, the tallest point on Saba. As mentioned before, it’s mostly a long series of stairs leading up through various types of forest to the elfin cloud forest at the top. On the way up and back we saw many things.

Many of them were snails. I think most of them are from the family Helicinidae.

There were many other invertebrates as well, mostly insects. Although I found few insects on the way up, on the way back I began to notice more of the smaller insects, like leafhoppers and flies. On the trip down I ended up seeing a pretty good amount of diversity, though not large numbers.

I have some reptile photos from the following day, but the most notable vertebrate we found on this hike was a big-eared rat that was walking around with his eyes closed. Yann and Marie gave him some granola bar.

There was also plenty of great scenery, which I did not capture in all its glory. It was still great to see.

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