Conquest of Mont Fortune

Mont Fortune is not much of a mountain. In fact, it is only 67 meters tall. However, its location on a small peninsula jutting out into the Simpson Bay Lagoon gives it some great views of the island, particularly the lagoon.

I started in Bellevue, where I found some very large guppies in a small stream behind the industrial area. I headed off the main road near the Sucrerie Saint Jean, and walked across the wetland area and the improbable rugby field in the middle of nowhere. The wetland area is interesting, with a variety of succulents and salt-tolerant grasses, but also the occasional cactus.

Passing a few cow skeletons, I went through fields and forest at the edge of the lagoon, probably a good place to see birds, and I saw a kingfisher and a couple yellow-crowned night herons. Mont Fortune itself was an easy climb and offered great vistas. The top is flat and covered in goat poo. I headed back to the road near the border monument. Aside from a couple fences that get in the way, it’s an easy, enjoyable walk.

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  2. Valerie Says:

    I want to make this walk too!